Explain applications of N.L.P?

a. Communication

  • Basically, a computer is a medium to communicate with users. Also, to learn a new language we can’t force users. Although, for casual users, it’s most important. Such as Managers and children. As they don’t have time and inclination to learn new skills to learn new interaction skills.
  • Basically, in natural language, it’s having a vast store of information. Also, we have to access via computers. Although, we have to generate information constantly. Also, it’s in the form of books, business, and government report.
  • Generally, in natural language processing, problems of AI arise in a very clear and explicit form.
  • Moreover, there are three major aspects of any natural language understanding theory:
    b. Syntax
    Basically, we use it to describe the form of the language. Also, grammar is used to specify it. further, we use natural language for the A.I languages of logic and computer programs. Also, these language is more complicated than other formal languages.

c. Semantics
Generally, utterances meaning provided with the of semantics. Although, if we want to build this understanding, general semantic theories exist for it.

d. Pragmatics
Basically, we use this component to explain how the utterances relate to the world.