Manufacturing For Sale Manufacturing Fried Frozen French Fries, Shastripuram, Agra, U.P. starting from 10.73Cr

  • 80925677O-1486565025
  • 80925679O-1486565134
  • 80925681O-1486564388
  • 80925683O-1486565026
  • 80925685O-1486565137
  • 80925687O-1486564389
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  • 80925697O-1486565143
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  • 80925701O-1486565028
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  • 80925723O-1486564395
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  • 80925727O-1486565149

For Sale Sorry, Price is not mentioned. - Commercial
222666.67 Sq Ft 2 Bathrooms  Add to Favorites Print

Under distress sale through bank’s auction

Factory land and building and plant & machinery manufacturing equpments(Pre-Fried frozen french fries and a range of frozen potato specialties)situated at industrial area, Plot no b-66, To b-75 and c-19 to c-33, Epip, Shastripuram, Agra bounded: East – road no. 7, Wide 18 mtr, West – plot no. C-15, B-65, North – road no. 3, Wide 18 mtr, South – road a.D.A .Area 20708 sq. Meters.

Note: Property is taken over by bank under sarfaesi act & can be purchased only by way of participating in e-Auction. The price indicated above is the reserve price fixed by the bank.

Please contact for more details related to the property & how to participate in e-Auction.

Additional Details

  • transaction type: resale
  • property ownership: freehold
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