Artificial intelligence can be divided into different types on the basis of capabilities and functionalities.

Based on Capabilities:

  • Weak AI or Narrow AI: Weak AI is capable of performing some dedicated tasks with intelligence. Siri is an example of Weak AI.
  • General AI: The intelligent machines that can perform any intellectual task with efficiency as a human.
  • Strong AI: It is the hypothetical concept that involves the machine that will be better than humans and will surpass human intelligence.
    Based on Functionalities:
  • Reactive Machines: Purely reactive machines are the basic types of AI. These focus on the present actions and cannot store the previous actions. Example: Deep Blue.
  • Limited Memory: As its name suggests, it can store the past data or experience for the limited duration. The self-driving car is an example of such AI types.
  • Theory of Mind: It is the advanced AI that is capable of understanding human emotions, people, etc., in the real world.Self-Awareness: Self Awareness AI is the future of Artificial Intelligence that will have their own consciousness, emotions, similar to humans.