What is Fuzzy Logic Systems Architecture?

Basically, four parts are shown in this-
a. Fuzzification Module
We use this module to transform the system inputs. As this is a crisp number. Also, helps in splitting the input signal into various five steps.
x is Large Positive
x is Medium Positive
x is Small
x is Medium Negative
x is Large Negative
b. Knowledge Base
In this, we have to store it in IF-THEN rules that were provided by experts.
c. Inference Engine
Generally, it helps in simulating the human reasoning process. That is by making fuzzy inference on the inputs and IF-THEN rules.
d. Defuzzification Module
In this module, we have to transform fuzzy set into a crisp value. That set was obtained by an inference engine.
Although, the membership functions always work on a same concept i.e fuzzy sets of variables.