What is WebParts in ASP.NET?

ASP.NET 2.0 incorporates the concept of WEB PARTS in itself and we can code and explore that as easily as we have done with the other controls in the previous sessions.

  • We can compose web parts pages from “web parts”, which can be web controls, user controls.

Component of Web Parts

  • The web parts consist of different components like,
  • Web Part Manager
  • Web Part Zone
  • CatLog Part
  • CatLog Zone
  • Connections Zone
  • Editor Part
  • Editor Zone

Web Part Zone

  • Web Part Zone can contain one or more Web Part controls.
  • This provides the layout for the Controls it contains. A single ASPX page can contain one or more Web Part Zones.
  • A Web Part Control can be any of the controls in the toolbox or even the customized user controls.